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We have Co-curricular activities like Art and craft, Abacus, Hindi, Sports, medical care and counciling.

01 Art and Craft

Make hand made, Give hand made, Buy hand made, Live hand made. To grow in craft is to increase the breadth of what I can do, but art is the depth, the passion, the desire, the courage to be myself and myself alone. Trained and experienced teachers train the craft in a multifaceted manner.

02 Abacus

Abacus is a great way to nurture and encourage mathematical proficiency and speedy mental calculations capability of the children. It is the best exercise for our brains.By using Abacus method regularly, basic calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be easily done mentally.

03 Hindi

Hindi, one of the official languages in India, is our regional language. It is a duty of every citizen in India to learn Hindi. One of the obvious benefits of learning Hindi is to become a part of the fourth world largest language community and moreover one can easily understand Urdu, the official language of Pakistan. This will broaden your comfortable frontiers of people speaking a very close form of Hindi language.

04 Sports

Games and sports play a major role in the overall development of a child. It help children get out from their stress and get rejuvenated mentally for the next grand leap. The school has seriously taken up games and sports thereby promoting good discipline, team spirit, co-operation and competitive spirit. Various sports and games are included in the curriculum. Students are coached in AthleticsBasketballVolleyballKho Kho etc. Equipments are available for all the games and athletic events. Students are trained in indoor games such as chess, carom board, ludo etc.

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